Introducing MeUtopia!

Dear MeU,

I have created MeUtopia, a community on Reddit created for f(x) fans to gather and have fun! Pay attention to the rules, make sure to always add a flair to your posts, and enjoy your time!

I made this subreddit because I often make my own lockscreens of f(x) to use on my phone but I only share some of them to fellow MeUs. When I do share them, fans always seem to enjoy them. Thus, I thought of creating a space where any of us can share f(x) wallpapers we make, so that other fans can use them as well!

I also wanted to create a space where we could joke around and make f(x) memes and I thought, why not put these 2 together? So here we are!

Happy 10 years of f(x) ♥

Check it out HERE