190728 f(Amber) = Friends’ Instagram/Twitter Updates

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[TRANS] 190728 f(Victoria) = Weibo Update: “Stick to what you love, everything will shine bright”

坚持自己热爱的事情,一切都将闪闪发光,一切都会炫光夺目。谢谢小妹妹@张婧仪 ,也谢谢一直陪伴我的你们,“n 55iw i”是我送给你们的专属“密语”[心]快来解密吧![爱你] #爱你有礼##香奈儿在天猫##ELLE+CHANEL# @ELLE

Stick to what you love, everything will shine bright. Thanks little sis Zhang Jingyi, and all of you who have been accompanying me. ” n 55iw i ” is the secret message I sent to you. Come and decrypt it”

Source: ImmermitQian