What We Did in The ‘MeUniverse’ f(x) 10th Anniversary Project ðŸ˜Ž

This year I teamed up with f(x) Global, Stay United f(x), f(x) Fanzine, f(x) doing things, f(x) fancams, Arab MeU’s, MeUArgentina and MeU Vietnam to bring MeU a series of fun projects for f(x)’s 10th anniversary, all under the name ‘MeUniverse’

Here’s what we did in MeUniverse:

Charity Donations

With the money collected through direct donations and through an exclusive line of merchandise, we donated to 4 charities: Save The Children Romania, Animal Welfare Institute, The Ocean Cleanup and SOS Amazonia!

Exclusive Merch Line for Charity

From June to August 2019, we sold a line of exclusive merchandise that MeU could celebrate f(x)’s anniversary with, with art made by our dear Alex from the f(x) Fanzine! The profits we made went to the charity causes mentioned earlier.

Here they are in real life:

The MeU Love Book

The next part of MeUniverse was a book of beautiful, loving messages from MeU, collected from June to September 2019. You can read it below:

The f(x) Fanzine, sold for charity purposes (the AWI donation), joined this project as well. It’s currently being shipped to MeU worldwide!

Photo Project

We asked MeU to show their international love for f(x) by taking photos of their f(x) items in their towns/countries’ landmarks! You can check them all out under the #MeUniverse95 hashtag on Instagram!


We also organized several, various events and activities to celebrate f(x)’s anniversary:

MV Mass Streams

The MeUtopia subreddit

The MeU Party

And worldwide events for MeU!

Thank you MeU for participating in this project and showing f(x) so much love!


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