191019 f(Sulli) = Greta Akopov’s Instagram Update (Actress from ‘Goblin’ MV)

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I lit a candle in Church in memorandum for Sulli, whom I met and worked with this year on her first (and last) solo music video "Goblin". Sulli was a beautiful human being inside and out. It was a privilege to work with someone so amazing and to spend time by her side. She brought everyone so much joy on set and filled the room with light and laughter. I'm heartbroken and in disbelief… I feel empty like the Beckett Mansion after Sulli's departure. I hope this tragedy shines a light on mental issues in South Korea and people will start taking these matters seriously and stop cyber-bullying young K-Pop stars. I fully support Sulli's will for there to be action against cyber-bullying. I wish I could protect you, Sulli, and be closer to you like I did in that video. Rest In Peace Choi Jin-ri. You are alive in my heart forever ❤️🥀 #sulli #peachprincess #choijinri #kpop #goblin

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