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“Other People” by @ajol_llama is out!!!!! So long post coming…. Those close to me know that I find my greatest join by helping artist on their journey. It gives me a proud big sister feeling lol. This video was a really fun video to work on. I’m also glad that I got to be apart of the process for @ajol_llama to do something that would shock her fans. (Not gonna life it shook me on set). I’m no where near pulling big shots in this industry but I can say that I’ve been blessed to build my career so far on 80% of project that I full stand for. As a high schooler I used to say I want to be a “unknown future known” lol. Pretty much saying I want to support/be behind the artist that will make true authentic work. So I’m truly thankful that @bradleydubbs @jamesjhl @ajol_llama @itsfuzzzy have brought me along their journey. I’m even equally blessed that @aubiwasabi @aznpig22 @heesangasong @makeupbyyukina have come along and helped alongside me with these projects.

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