191121 f(Amber) = Instagram Update: “GO ROLLERSKATE IT’S REALLY FUN”

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You win some, you lose some and then you lose some more… BUT IT WAS WORTH TRYING! In the end, be safe and try not to get hurt by bumping into people! GO ROLLERSKATE IT’S REALLY FUN!!! and we also have a Mandarin version!!! Check it!!! Song written by llama and @sambarsh Mandarin Lyrics by llama @genneo 张楚翘 Cheung Cho Kiu Mixed by @clexch Mastered by @oasismastering Tracked & Edited by @edowadoshin @5a_label @misterxrocks MV Directed by llama Produced by @davidjypark DP: @fistfulloffilm Edited by llama & @anngdang Choreography by @sorahyang Dancers @hughniverse @domino_kimura @mikua_mori @shannonk888 Starring @brandonsoohoo @cassdsong @aydenju @neruchuu Crew 1st AD: @kpham12992 2nd AD: @xblueapplez 1st AC: @joegunawan616 2nd AC: @anngdang Key Grip: @cjcolace Sound Mixer/ Sound Designer: @dcfonhomme Production Designer: @grassmo0n Hair & Make Up: @araako PA: @action.pat PA: @ryanhasegawa PA: @seandnguyen Friends: @can.poreotics @breenaylaya @minhtyxfresh @laserzz @tonyeats @truongmichi @pjleong @gelatowilliams @j0_lee @_e.kim @dubhalo @akiyunart @chaeleeda @minahayang @janetkim_ @itschiny @justinparkofficial @misterxrocks @demiethedestroyer @byjamila @nellenoir @angirawr

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