220602-220527 f(Victoria) = Weibo Updates

June 2nd

想象在海边♥哇哦~ 绿洲

Imagine being by the sea♥Wow~

Dragon Boat Festival# is here, the “Festival Accompanying Officer” will accompany you to celebrate the festival with you! Come to Chaohua to show you #the best dish at the lunch table#! Share your Dragon Boat Festival holiday mood, maybe there will be surprises, see you tomorrow!

May 31

It’s the last day of May, are you ready for the real summer? Time to refresh! As the global spokesperson of @Ora2, I bring you sweet peach, refreshing citrus, fragrant jasmine, and a lot of summer flavor, come and pick it up [heart] whether it is home or When you go out, use mouthwash after brushing your teeth, #gently gargle with fruity fragrance overflowing#, keep your mouth beautiful, then you will laugh and be attractive. Let’s welcome summer together! #song qian with the same style of good breath# put away

May 29


May 28

Let’s have dinner~ Do you want to eat [glutton] I really want to have a picnic [Sun]

May 27

Move every time 🎵 Move every time and be big 🎵

All translations done via Google Translate

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