140711 f(Krystal) = At the KBS Building for Music Bank [1] | 4P

Credits to The Klassic

Please credit functionlove.net as well if taking out, thanks.


One thought on “140711 f(Krystal) = At the KBS Building for Music Bank [1] | 4P

  1. I saw Krystal when she was actually only 16 and half years old. She always says that she was 16 when she started performing with F(x) on Sept. 2009, but that’s only in Korea. Actually Krystal was 14 and 11 months old in her f(x) debut. She didn’t turn 15 until Oct. 24, 2009. What I’m trying to say is Krystal was the prettiest teenage I had ever seen and now she’s the most beautiful blond woman that my eyes have ever looked upon.

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