[PROJECT] Show Sulli Your Love and Support!

Hello everyone! As you might know, Sulli has recently left f(x). For the past years she has been getting many malicious comments from Korean netizens, and it’s time we help cheer her up!

She has chosen the path of acting again, and needs as much love and support as possible. As she isn’t getting much of that from the people of her own country, why don’t us fans step in and show her that we’re by her side? If you want to help, keep reading.

I have seen lots of support on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Between those, Sulli has a publicly known account on the 3rd, and thus we will keep this project on there. This is what you’d have to do:

  • Post a photo of Sulli on Instagram every day (until we know for sure that she sees everything), including the hashtag #진리야네곁에있어 (“Jinri-ya, I’m by your side”) and tagging her in it (@jilli_i). You must include that hashtag and tag her! The main point of this is for her to see them! (adding the hashtags #Sulli or #설리 is very good too, as long as you tagged her and added our special hashtag!)

  • If the photo is fantaken, please credit the original source or if it’s tagged, make sure the tag/logo isn’t cropped. (you can use Insta Size)

  • You can add any kind of supportive message, but Korean is advised as she might not understand English. If you do want to use English, keep it very simple. I will provide some sample messages in Korean for you guys to use!

  • If you’re already sharing photos of her daily (or weekly) on Instagram, please add our hashtag (#진리야네곁에있어) and tag her!

  • Liking other people’s photos in this project is optional, but advised! That way we have higher chances for her to see everything.

  • Spread the word! The more posts, the better.

NOTE: For any fanbases who want to join me and spread the word, mention me on Twitter or send me a DM (or maybe comment on this post)! Any fanbase (that supports Sulli, of course) can join! The more, the merrier.

NOTE2: For non-international fanbases who want to join, you can translate all the info here! But do contact me like I mentioned above so I can add you to the list below!

SNOW WHITEPurelovefx (Russia),  f(x) GlobalSulli Indonesiaf(x) PolandSulli First Lovef(x) Spain, and Sullians Chile have joined this project!

Here are the sample messages:

  1. 설리야 힘내♥ 우리는 네앞에있어 (Sulli-ya, cheer up♥ We’re by your side)
  2. 설리가 진리! (Sulli is truth)
  3. 진리야 널 영원히 응원하고 사랑할께요♥ (Jinri-ya, I’ll love and support you forever)
  4. 여배우 최진리 기대함♥ (Looking forward to actress Choi Jinri♥)
  5. 설리에 첫눈에반했어 (I fell in love at first sight with Sulli)
  6. 설리를 음식보다 사랑해 (I love Sulli more than food)

More message submissions are very welcome! Also, mine might not be 100% grammatically correct, but she’d get the idea~

Thank you.

8 thoughts on “[PROJECT] Show Sulli Your Love and Support!

  1. affxtionglobal

    Hi we are @affxtionglobal or f(x) Global on twitter we would like to participate in your project for sulli ^^ but we can’t dm you

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