f(x) Anniversary Special (3) – How I Discovered f(x) ♥ Your Stories! (2015 Edition)

First off, thank you all for the wonderful submissions! I hope everyone who views this article will enjoy your stories as much as I did.

For those who don’t know, this is a project I started back in 2013 and decided to do again this year. The main idea was for fans to send me the stories of how they discovered and fell in love with f(x) so I would compile them in a post for everyone to enjoy!

If you didn’t get to share your own story, go ahead and do so in the comments below!

And I thought I’d start with my own! So here it is:

Adelina, Romania: 

I discovered K-Pop back in 2009 through a beauty guru’s videos but I only explored more in the summer of 2010. I was watching some Girls’ Generation music videos and I stumbled upon their Chocolate Love MV, (which f(x) did a version of their own). When I saw the intro, I asked myself what it was because I liked the sound of it, and thus I found f(x)’s version. From there, I found Chu. At first, I wasn’t very interested, but the song was stuck in my head all day and I went back to the music video, then made a Sims 2 version (I used to make Sims 2 music videos, you can check them out here). After I finished my video, I checked out f(x)’s other music videos and fell in love with NU ABO. I made more Sims 2 videos on their songs and then watched their show, Hello f(x), which really troubled me because of the way it’s edited (referring to all the on-screen captions) but also made me fall in love with them. The rest, well, is history!

Now onto your stories!

Tenya U-Ruo, Malaysia

Here’s my story of how I discovered f(x)…
Back in 2012, I was new to K-pop. I started watching “Invincible Youth 2” on KBS World and that’s when I discovered Amber. She looks cool and different from the other girls in that show so I Googled about her and found out that she is a member f(x). From that time onwards, I started to listen to their songs, watch their music videos and other stuff 🙂
I even created a Facebook fan page for Amber because I admired her so much xD Hahahah~~ I’ve been managing that page for about 3 years now 🙂 > https://www.facebook.com/fxsAmberLiu
And my love for f(x) grew till today. I want to protect them so much >_< I’ll support them till the end…
Let’s love f(x) with all our hearts ^_^ #Staywithfx

Wayne Bowker, USA

I live in the United States and happened to watch Yuna Kim’s Ice Skating show on SBS in 2011. While watching this show I got to see Krystal Jung for the very first time. I fell in love with her & her amazing abilities & talent. She won the competition and skated in Yuna’s Ice Show. Krystal introduced me to f(x) and the music called KPOP, which I had never heard of before. Over the years Krystal has been my favorite artist, actress & model. I support & promote everything that she does. She is the ideal perfect performer & the most beautiful girl I have ever known or seen in my lifetime. I love every f(x) song & own every album that they have ever recorded. I also own every song that Krystal has ever made too. Her single & duets are my favorites. All five girls of the best group ever assembled are each extremely talented as individuals. Victoria is one of China’s best actresses and most popular celebrities. Luna is one of the best Korean singers in the world. Sulli loves acting and has been in many movies in Korea. Amber has an awesome personality and is the teams jokester. Amber is the rapper of the group, but has a great voice and can sing any type of song. So for me f(x) is perfection in the music world and Sweet Soojung is my inspiration & motivation for loving f(x) & Kpop music.

Ghadi, Saudi Arabia

Hi my name is Ghadi . my friend was talking about new girl group they are amazing!  . I Search about them and I saw La Cha Ta MV & and I don’t love them but amber Attract attention me!
i Search about ’em again and i saw how Krystal beautiful! I love Krystal and i saw sunyoung in Show when her age was 13 maybe? I really really love her  and then i saw how vic amazing girl and I like her! but when i saw ’em in NU ABO I love sulli .then I thinked I should be there Fans!! they are so amazing & Different than Girls group! I don’t know why they are don’t have a solo concert & official fandom name!! F(x) is the best girl group ever! 😌 , happy 6 years with F(x) , happy 6th anniversary 💜💜

Monica, Romania

So , it was the autumn of 2011 , and I was watching a music video from Girls’ Generation . On the right side of the video , I saw ” f(x) – Chu~<3″ and I was curious to listen to it . After “Chu~<3” , I listened to songs like “Lachata” , “NU ABO” and “Danger” . I became a big fan in the summer of 2012 , in the “Electric Shock” Era . I remember when I didn’t want to go out with my family bacause I wanted to listen f(x) on the laptop. I’m still a big fan of f(x)

Hsen Alaa, Iraq

Hi iam hsen alaa iam from iraq i know about sulli first from mblaq idol army in 2010 sulli was still in her 17 and she was sooo cute and charming it was first idol that i have never have bit of hate of her and she still my favourite fx member from 2010 until now then start to like her more and more

Marianne, France

My best friend made me listen to Electric Shock last year. She wanted to show me what it was about so she sent a live performance of Rum Pum Pum Pum. At first, I found this a bit weird (I didn’t know anything about kpop, I never listened to it so……), anyway. So, I started to listen to their songs, I mean it’s entertaining. And, at the beginning of the year, I realized that I didn’t know anything about the girls, not even their name. Well, I knew Amber, but that’s all. So I told my best friend to give me their names. She showed me several videos for me to know a bit more about them. At first, I thought they were really pretty and talented, and still today I’m learning more about them. They’re such the miracle I was waiting for. I love them all; literally. I just wish they’d come in France more often. They deserve the best. f(queens) fighting ! Love from France x Keep doing the great job you all always do !

Kristyl Jane Sebalda, Philippines

It started actually with my minstal addiction. I so love Krystal so much with Minho,until I eventually got to be interested with fx as a group. Now that they are already 4, even though sulli is not part of the group,I hope they can still continue to be together and work hard and enjoy. F(x) fighting!

Jyra, Philippines

Hi my name is Jyra and I have been a fan since i watched Sulli act in her drama, To the Beautiful You. I am a Chinese Filipino and I have been a big fan since 2013. F(x) is my favorite group and they have really changed my life so much and I am very happy that I was able to discover them. When i watched Sulli’s drama, i became really interested in the actors and actresses that played the different roles but Sulli really stood out the most. I started watching F(x)’s MVs and variety shows and now I love all F(x) members, Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli and Krystal because of their personality and music. Although I haven’t been a fan from the start, I will support F(x) forever. Even if they are now f(4) they will always be f(5) in my heart. They are an inspiration and have helped me in the hardest moments of my life so when F(x) members are having a hard time, I will still be there to cheer you on. I really love and miss F(x) so much and I hope that you will be happy, healthy and successful unnies!!!! I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT F(X). HAPPY 6TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!

صفيه الدخيل, Saudi Arabia (? didn’t specify)

I discovered f(x) when i was watching (WGM) there were a lot of couples and between them there was Khuntoria couple and i am like how are they and i start watching them and one of the episode Victoria invited Sulli  and i was thinking are they friends or she is one in her group like kpop i just searcher and i found that there is f(x) i was shocked when i knows that Victoria is Chinese and  she can speak Korean vary well and also when i know that Krystal was only 14 in lachata. i watched all their songs albums and their performed in the stage and i start liking them. they are all amazing Victoria, Amber,Luna,Sulli,Krystal i love them so much as f(5) even when Sulli is out of the group i gonna support her and i know all the real function will do but function who start saying a bad things about her they are not real function because f(x) born as 5 and they will stay 5 in all the function hearts .
i love you f(x) so much

Alex, USA

Back in 2012 I first encountered f(x) when I saw the Electric Shock MV by chance. Now I had liked kpop but more casually, the only group I was really into was SHINee. I consider myself a Shawol and as I watched these 5 unique girls my interest was piqued. Fast forward to October 2013 and I was more interested into the kpop scene because of the busy year that SHINee had. Again, I stumbled on f(x)’s latest video ‘Rum Pum Pum Pum’ similar to what had happened to me in 2012. Only this time I was hooked. I spent all of my time catching up on the 5 years of Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli and Krystal that I had missed. They have made me so happy and have given me something to look forward to and to lay hope and trust in. f(x) changed my life and I am so grateful to all five of them for that. Although I haven’t been with f(x) from the beginning my love for these 5 amazing girls will always remain strong and I will support them forever.

Eunice Liow, Singapore

I’ve always been a tomboy since young and i play basketball in the school team just like amber. But i had a dream to be a singer an artist but im not sure how because all the stars i’ve seen are all girly and pretty and i thought maybe i shouldnt pursue this dream anymore. This was when in 2011, my friend shpwed my f(x) danger and told me:”Look! You can be just like amber!” And since then i started to notice amber and f(x) more and this girl group with such different style really caught my eye. I never stop supporting them since then(: f(5) forever!❤❤❤

Isabella, Philippines

I already heard of f(x) since 2009 since my sister liked their songs a lot and kept replaying them on the computer but I didn’t care much about kpop then.

It was not until 2011 when my best friend introduced me to We Got Married, and I fell in love with Khuntoria (like super hard). I fell in love with Victoria mainly and I watched all other variety shows she was in like Invincible Youth (the only episodes she was in) and f(x) Koala where I fell in love with all the other members. They just feel like a family so much with an umma, “oppa”, and cutie maknaes. And damnnnn, they can sing and dance.
Basically, that’s how I got into kpop, f(x), and how Victoria (the queen) became my bias.

Nádia Antunes, Brazil

I’ve been a kpop for 4 years now but I only got to know f(x) 2 years ago. I was listening to ALL of SHINee’s song when Lollipop appeared, I was listening to it and a voice called my attention, Amber’s voice. I was impressed. I stopped the music and decided to give f(x) a chance so I enter on a f(x) page and the first song was RPPP, I have to say that I didn’t like it when I first listen (what was wrong with me???) and then I went back to SHINee. A few weeks later I was listening to the same SHINee’s sequence and Lollipop appeared again and once again Amber’s voice called my attention, and I decided to give them another try (lol). I was listening the songs when Beautiful Stranger appeared and it was love at first sight, literally, I had never listen to a song so good in my life, and in that moment f(x) became my ultimate favorite kpop group. I think now I can say that I love ALL of the songs, with no exceptions, literally. I love all the members but Krystal is my favorite :). Now I live, breathe, eat and only think about f(x), even though they don’t know me they gave me strength many times, I feel like we’re a family,and no one can tear us apart. Wish nothing but the best for them, and more 6 years to come. Forever f(x) 💜

Hyukstal_indo, Indonesia

I was anti Kpop that time
I hate everything bout Kpop,

One day,my friend watching the heirs,I remember the 1st girl I saw is krystal ,I fall for her ,I said this girl a singer right?(I think she was yoona)
Im not really like her that time,I like Hyukstal more as couple coz I found its cute.
Dec 2013 ,I watch amazing f(x) ,but the disc broken.
I start following Hyukstal from Facebook

Until 140628

the 1st teaser of krystal(and minhyuk birthday,maybe this is fate ❤❤❤)

Gosh I’m almost dead 1st time saw krystal teaser.
Red light era made me really love Kpop and f(x)!! Heyy new face 😁
I almost quit  ,bcoz this fandom quite mess
And yeah 2014 is not good year for f(x) too

till now I love all f(x) members ,I promise to myself ,f(x) the only girl group I’ll really stan !
Can’t wait for their comeback and new album
And still waiting for their solo concert

Kim Hernandez, Mexico/US

I discovered Kpop through Shinee in 2009. F(x) happened to have debuted and promoted with Shinee. F(x) had something so unique in their style and talent just like their Shinee sunbaes. Even though I missed Shinee’s debut, being with F(x) since the beginning made me stronger as a young girl fan, all 5 members have grown up to be stronger women now after 6 aff(x)tionate years.

Aci Cusuma (didn’t mention her country)

I first saw FX during Lachata live performance. It was raining so badly. The stage was really wet. The girls were wet. Their clothes stucked on their bodies, their hairs were all soaked, their make up were already gone.
I felt so bad, so sorry & sooo worry, afraid they might fell bc of the way they danced. It was a hard, complicated dance moves, I couldn’t imagine if one of them was slipped, then the performance would’ve failed. But they made it. Succesfully. Their performance was excellent, beyond expectation. I felt so relieved…and began to interest on them. Really amazed by their determinations, their hardworking&efforts before my eyes. They captured my heart since that day. So proud of you, FX. Keep going.

Alexandra Koleva, Bulgaria

When I was 15, I had just started listening to kpop artists, and at the time I wasn’t interested in many. That was because I still just didn’t know where to look, but as time passed I got into more and more groups. When the teaser for f(x)’s comeback came out in July, I remember that I had on my mind to check it out, and I always forgot. So, I didn’t get into the group along with that comeback, but a little later. Around November, the first f(x) song I actually heard was NU ABO, followed by Hot Summer. I watched all their music videos and I realized that I actually love everything about them. You never really know what f(x) are going to give you, but whatever it is, it always feels like them. That group has been a huge part of my life for 2 years now and I’m so grateful for that. My only regret is not having listened to them sooner. And despite that rocky start, they’ve become my favourite artist, not just in kpop, but above all else. They’re the group that changed my life, I just wish I had known way back when in 2009 so that I could’ve experienced even more with them. I love them wholeheartedly and I really hope someday I’ll be able to actually tell them how much they mean to me. Happy 6 years with f(x)!

Aie Nie, Malaysia

Hi all my fellow F (fans),

I discover F(X) after me becoming a fan of KHUNTORIA in 2012. From there I becoming interested to know more about uri VIC omma which leading me to know all talented five ladies VICTORIA, AMBER, LUNA, SULLI, KRYSTAL of F(X). Since then, F(X) has become my first kpop group that I love so much. I follow all their SNS. I even want to have weibo acc so that I can follow Vic updates even though I don’t really understand Chinese. Well after all she is my biased in F(X)..Keke J

I even read fanfics or scenarios about them. Everyday I would not forget to check their updates on IG and TW. Seeing them everday make me happy. Now, I enjoy kpop but not as much as I enjoy F(X) music. Even now SULLI is not with F(X) anymore, I believe the power and bonding of F (5) will still stronger.

Can’t wait for their comeback. Hopefully their comeback this time will slay. **cross finger**

Happy #6yearswithfx and may the togetherness will remain forever.

F(VALK) fighting!!!

Actress SULLI fighting!!

Lets all spread the love for our F(X)..

Mich, 17, Malaysia

ive known f(x) for years now. i discovered f(x) back in 2010, i went through youtube and came across f(x)’s lachata video. i watched it and i was so impressed that they were so talented in both singing and dancing ♥. Starting from 2011 i began to stan them. i followed their activities and keep myself updated with their news. i began to love them more when i watched their variety shows which brings me today supporting them as whole for years now. Thank you for being part of my happiness 5 beautiful girls. from today onwards, its a new start and i will always be a fan who cheers and supports till the end of the journey ☆ #6yearswithfx ♥

Berlyn Grace Dahug, 17, Philippines

I really love F(x) that much they are my inspirations and i admit i am really emotional about the news Sulli unnie leaving the group but still im very happy for her own career 🙂 I still support and love her 🙂 I discovered F(x) because of Sulli unnie 🙂 Its just, i am a hard die fan of korean dramas and i accidentally watched her drama “To the beautiful You” with Choi Minho oppa xD I really love that and that was the first time i searched about korean groups and Boom! I found F(x) 😀 I really love their group 🙂 F(x) is the only kpop girl group i like 🙂 And i promised i will stay in this fandom no matter what 🙂

Fighting F(x) ❤
OT5 ❤
We love you ❤

Pat, Philippines

It was June of 2012 when I discovered f(x). Back then I was just a casual listener of KPOP. I don’t even know who’s who in every group. I was an otaku (still am though but not so much anymore coz of obvious reasons :D) and it just happened that my all-time favorite manga is Hana Kimi. I even watched the Taiwanese TV adaptation. So when it was announced that Korea will make one, I got really interested. Then the official lining of the cast was revealed, namely Minho, Lee Hyun Woo, and of course, Sulli. I looked through their profiles and that’s where I got to know f(x) (and Amber became my bias :D). The first f(x) MV I watched was Hot Summer and I was like, ‘wow this is good’. They were promoting Electric Shock that time and you know how YouTube got me deeper into f(x) by watching every f(x) related videos recommended by the side. Then I got to their Gangsta Boy dance practice and I was like, ‘omg, this is awesome’. And that’s it. I decided to stan this group and I was never wrong.

Bestari Intan, Indonesia

I never expected to be this crazy about KPOP. I never wanted to be a KPOP long time ago. I just a netral girl who didn’t know about KPOP. 4 years ago, my friend whose name is Baikhati Elok Satiti was fallin’ love with KPOP. She told me everything about KPOP but I didn’t know anything at that time. She told me a lot about fanfiction. As time flies, I opened one of site which is serve so many fanfictions, I read one of those fanfiction, the characters was Soojung, I really didn’t know who she is. The day after, I started to love reading fanfiction, but whats going on, I always read fanfictions which characters is Soojung or Krystal. I tried to know , who she is? isn’t she real people or just cartoon? I searched about her on web. The pics of girl which very beautiful, chic, cute, cool, georgeous was shown on my computer’s web. The symbol of girlgroup f(x) was shown also. The pics of f(x)’s members were shown. I searched about f(x)’s biography or profil, f(x)’s videos , f(x)’s songs, f(x)’s reality shows, f(x)’s variety shows and My God, I fellin’ love for the first time with KPOP group.

I always told everything I got at home about f(x) to my beloved friend, Baikhati Elok Satiti. She screamed a lot, unexpectedly she also love f(x), WOW. I got it. We screamed together and sometimes did crazy because of f(x) . But now we separated because our school is different. And still we communicated about f(x) and KPOP.

As the time flies, my heart feel pain because SM treated f(x) not that good. I cry because they still have not fandom’s name and solo concert. It makes my heart just sick. I cry because Sulli left. I am sad because Amber has antifans that always bully her and say that Amber is gay, it is never happened. I cry because Krystal has a lot of antifans that always judge her because she always be paired with boyband’s members, such a waste.

Alongside with that, I proud of f(x), f(x) is very unique, they are different with other groups that always make sexy and girly concept. I proud of Victoria who is leader from China who has a lot of strength and very polite. I proud of Amber who can speak English and Korean , very polite, very good at dancing, very good at doing rap, and has a lot idol friends. I proud of Luna who has beautiful and strong voice , happy face, and cute. I proud of Sulli who has a lot of fans, who is very talented as actress, and she’s very cute. And the last, I proud of Krystal who has a lot talents, as actress, idol, and athlete. f(x) is the best memory I ever had to be KPOPer. f(x) will always be remembered. f(x) is the best.

Hanifah, Indonesia

So I’m going to tell a story about how I discover f(x)

In the middle of 2011, I got into kpop. That time, I was lost. I don’t know what band I belong to…
If I become part of one fandom, there is always something wrong..
Until one time I discover f(x). The first song that I heard was Hot Summer. In my thought, “THIS IS MY JAM!”
I continued to listen than, until I discover Electric Shock, THAT SONG IS REALLY GOOD FOR MY YEAR.
And that time too, I was playing roleplaying as Luna(although I want Amber). Ofcourse, if we want play roleplaying, we have to be like the idol right? So I was searching all infos about Luna(and f(x) ofc), that’s why I love f(x) even more…
Everytime I listen to f(x), I feel so connected. I feel that every f(x) song is my story, is my life.
So right now, I’m going to support f(x) all the way through my life. f(x) has been part of my life since 2012, and so on until I die. Even f(x) is 4 right now, I’m still support all of them!!

Amanda, US

I discovered f(x) through another artist that I follow, they retweeted an article talking about Amber and there was a link to electric shock in the article.  I’ve been a fan since then.

Kamilla Mendes, Indonesia

My Kpop history began from f(x).

About 4 years ago, I accidentally saw Hot Summer MV on the local TV. Krystal really caught my eyes because her bunch of charms and I thought Amber is a boy. Then I browsed the internet searching everything about f(x) to know them more. The fact, Amber is a girl. She is unique.
As the time went by, I finally became a fan and I never regret that.

So f(x) is my first fav girlband. Then Krystal is my first bias in Kpop industry ’till now.

The thousand loves I have for them will never die. That’s all my story.

Ghazza Unica Gorion, Philippines

In year 2009, I discovered f(x) through a cd. That time, I was a fan of a girl group who also debuted at the same year. But I didn’t officially embraced kpop music. Honestly speaking, I hate kpop because I can’t understand their language. I only love that specific girl group because they are cool. So anyway, I bought a cd wherein there are a lot of videos from different korean groups and one of them is the La ChatA by f(x). When I first saw their performance, I really liked it. They are so good at singing and dancing, the song was fantastic especially the chorus part. I was indeed addicted to it. But years had passed, I was still not interested to kpop music because I was really sticking loving international artists, in short I’m already a fangirl since 2004 I guess.

One time, I was idolizing Ariana Grande in 2013, and she has a song called Boyfriend Material which has an exact remblance of the music of “No More” by f(x). I didn’t know that I would bump again to this group and when I heard their version, it was not bad actually. But so much for that, I just want to share a little part of my memory with f(x).

2014, I was watching KBS World on TV because their shows are awesome and funny. It was just an ordinary day when one time, I watched a show which is called “A Song For You” and that moment, I didn’t know it was the pilot episode of the show. When I watched it, Amber was really familiar to me. I was really curious and excited because when I first saw the first performance of La ChatA in 2009 (that cd that I bought), Amber was the first member that gave me a very good impression. So while watching the show, I was searching the group f(x) on instagram and looked for their pictures. Then I found out their names and other stuffs. When the show has ended, Music Bank came and I was really shocked when f(x) performed at the stage. I was really happy that time that I took pictures on tv (I also took pictures of Amber on ASFY) lol 😁. I was in a blank state that I didn’t know it was their comeback stage. The day ends and that starts my official love for kpop and especially to f(x). I can say that they are the first (bias) group that I ever loved 101%. They are like angels to me and I am so happy that I discovered them. Although it took 4 years for me to realized that I was destined to support f(x), I am still happy that it is not the end for me not to know and love them. I guess God really find time for me to know them officially even though this was the third time that I bumped in their group.

2014 was a rough year for them, it was not a good year when I discovered them AGAIN. But I didn’t regret loving them, I didn’t stop supporting them.  In fact, my love for them until now is STILL STRONG even though one member left the group. Through thick and thin, I will always stay with f(x) and they will always be the #1 group that fills in my heart. And I thanked them fpr always making me happy whenever I’m sad. f(x) is the best! 😘💞💕💋💜👍✌👏🎤🎵🎧🏆

Paula, Philippines

I discovered f(x) back when I was searching for Girls Generations’ videods, then I saw their videos in recommend box, I watch several videos, but still I can’t be a fan, after many years, I become inactive being a korean pop fan, when a transferee who later on becomes on of my best friend, shared me about f(x) It was Electricshock era or not? Furthermore, I become a f(x) stan, by the help of her, that’s all, thank you.

Qasyfi, Malaysia

1. I went into kpop because of f(x).
2. I knew f(x) because of Sulli.

Back in 2013, my friend asked me to watch To The Beutiful You. From that drama, Sulli has captured my heart. I googled about her and by then I discovered f(x). I watched their MVs and variety shows. I fell in love with them since then. I started to collect all of their albums. But since the RedLight era, f(x) has faced so many obstacles, f(x) fandom was chaotic. To be honest, I was thinking about leaving this fandom but Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli and Krystal have stopped me. I have been through a beautiful journey watching f(x) along with this fandom growing, in full delight. I’m so into them that I can’t leave this fandom.
Eventhough Sulli is not one of f(x) members anymore I will always support f(x) because they are the one and only girl group I stan.

Valery Pinto Albarracin, Bolivia (who didn’t write in English xD I will put the original and a Google translation)

Bueno yo conci f(x) el 2011 con NU ABO,ellas cambiaron mi mundo con el album NU ABO sus canciones eran tan diferentes a lo q antes habia eacuchado eran divertidas,un año antes conoci a amber co ella me identifique mucho,bueno el dia q salio el teaser de pinocchio fue el dia q decidi q ellas serian el grupo q amaria toda mi vida,f(x) no solo es un grupo al igual q todo los grupos de chicas f(x) es diferente son unicas, ahora llevo 4 años amandolas y seguire el tiempo q tenga q seguir ella s son mis princesas amo todas las canciones de ellas sufri junto a ellas,f(x) me anima en mis dias tristes con solo verlas sonreir soy feliz F(X) ES MI VIDA AHORA Y NO PUEDO DEJARLAS DE AMAR ELLA SON LA RAZON DE Q AUN SIGO AQUI !!!! VIVA F(X)

Eng: Well I Awareness f (x) with NU ABO 2011, they changed my world with NU ABO album’s songs were so different from what had eacuchado q before were fun, a year before I met her co amber identify me much good the day q came the teaser Pinocchio was the day q decided q them would be the q amaria group all my life, f (x) is not only a group like q all girl group f (x) is different are unique now took four years loving them and seguire time q she has q follow s are my princesses love all the songs of them suffered with them, f (x) encourages me in my sad days just to see them smile I am happy F (X) is my LIFE NOW AND I CAN NOT LEAVE THEM TO LOVE IT Q are the reason I’m still here !!!! VIVA F (X)

Hanne Grace T. Vasquez, Philippines

I discovered or knew f(x) while reading the Tiaom story (Kim & Pie of Yes or No – a Thai Movie) through the Asianfanfics (AFF) site in August 2013. I was a newbee to that site. That time I don’t have enough idea about Kpop, I only knew SNSD, Super Junnior and honestly I don’t like Kpop before. It is just mainly because I can’t understand the language and Kpop is really not my style. But now, I really appreciate Kpop music. So, while browsing Tiaom Fanfic, I saw KRYBER was tagged in the fanfic stories. Curiosity invaded me, so I consulted Mr. Google for the meaning of it. And research says it is Krystal Jung and Amber Liu who were members of Kpop Girl Group f(x). So, I furthered research the group and eventually I like their song style and charisma. It was like they are the Kpop version of Spice Girls. I’m a big fan of them and that’s one of the reason I like f(x) much more. Like they are unique.. haha… Then, I started watching their past and present videos; to catch up and to know them better, knowing the fact that they debuted in 2009 and when I know them its 2013 already?! 😀 😀 I told myself, why I knew them that late? And, while I’m writing this letter, I ask myself the same question again.. I’m a fan of f(x) for about 2 years, but it feels like I knew them from the start of their carrier.. They had a great impact to me, just because of their bond, like they were a real family. My day wouldn’t complete without any update about them. Haha..This year is the 6th anniversary of f(x), and I know those years were not easy to them as a group and individually. They struggle but they had happy moments and they never leave each other. I know Sulli is not in the group anymore but I know in their hearts that they are still f(5) – the OT5 because they are family not just a group. And lastly, I’m thankful to KRYBER because they are the reason I know f(x). I am KRYBER Shipper dilulu.. haha..Happy 6th anniversary f(x)!!! I Will forever support you guys no matter what. Many anniversaries to come SOLO concerts and FANDOM name Hopefully.. hihi.. God Bless!!! Saranghae!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Sharyn, Indonesia

i already know f(x) since pinnochio era, but back then i wasn’t a fan. i started liking them during pink tape era bcs it’s so kewl esp. krystals red hair <33 and after dat i watched the heirs bcs everyone in my school is watching dat drama and soojung really caught my attention. her acting is so cuteeee :3 since then, i became  a krystal stan. i fell in love fully with f(x) at red light era. i loved the mv, the song, the concept, and literally everythin bout dem. and rn im dying for their upcoming comeback!!

HAPPY 6th anniv to our f(girls)!!❤️

Raluca, Romania

Believe it or not, I found out about f(x) when I watched ‘We got married’ with Victoria and Nichkun. I don’t know where I saw Victoria once, but I really liked her back then and I decided to watch the show heart emoticon Since then (in 2012), she is my favourite grin emoticon I started to listen to ‘NU ABO’ and ‘Electric shock’ a lot, and gradually to all their songs. Like everyone, I watched every single show or any video with them, loving them even more. Then ‘Rum pum pum pum’ era came. Dude, I loved, and still love it so much, I still have the song on my telephone and mp3 and I learned the dance by heart ♥ f(x) fighting!!

Mine Warat, Thailand

That time was the day before Red Light song is going to be released. My senior was a fan of f(x), she came in and talk about f(x). I saw their previous MV and got interested in the style. I search in youtube for them and then I became a fan.

Stefana, Romania

Hello there ^,^

My name is Stefana, I’m 20 years old and I live in a small but beautiful country called Romania. But this is not about me, it is about a group that changed my life. So here is how I discoverd some of the most amazing girls in the world, here is how I discovered F(x)!!☺

It was about 3 years ago, when the girls realesed Electric Shock, even if I was into k-pop for a while I haven’t really listened to them, BAD MISTAKE.

Slowly Electric Shock got stucked in my head, that was the start of my love for f(x). I started to listen to their previous music, watched the shows with them, and fell in love with llama Amber and Krystal, but I love all FIVE of them from the bottom off my heart. Thank you Amber, Krystal, Luna, Victoria and Sulli for appearing in my life, I ♥ You and I will support you in the future with all my heart~!! ♥♥♥

Sarah, 16, Indonesia

back in the day i was suju fans and well, i know that f(x) is their sister group.
but after a long time i’m on a hiatus from kpop world i discovered Jessica & Krystal (the show) and yeah i fell in love with Krystal and started to watch every show ever with krystal in it and ofcourse then there’s a lot of f(x) shows that i watched. I realize f(x) is a hella great group and just so unique then i stan them and well i will stan them till the very end ♡

2 thoughts on “f(x) Anniversary Special (3) – How I Discovered f(x) ♥ Your Stories! (2015 Edition)

  1. All great stories from all over the world. f(x) is not just Kpop. They are Worldpop ❤ Thanks hearteumi for celebrating f(x)'s Anniversary this way and Happy 6th Anniversary to f(x) ❤

  2. Hi! Here’s how I fell in love with f(x). My cousin is a big fan of Shinee and f(x) way back 2012, and she always ask me to watch their music videos and I always did. I find their music and concepts really awesome but I kept on resisting to like them because I thought people would call me weirdo, and I can’t understand the language and I was busy supporting Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift so I got no time for them… Summer 2014, I got an extended vacation, more that 3 months, so I got bored and then out of boredom I watched Jessica and Krystal show. That’s it, my life is changed forever. I can’t help but love Krystal as I watch her, I’ve got 2 older sisters so I could really relate to her. So I watched her activities with f(x) and I listened to f(x)’s songs again, with open mind and heart, I look for the translations of the lyrics and damn, I regret resisting to love them. Pink tape is such a legendary album. And when they finally released Red Light, I loved them even more. I spent all day and all night watching their shows, interviews and live performances. I love the whole f(x) now, not just Krystal, I still love Sulli. I’m an f(5) fan and they will forever have a special place in my heart no matter what.

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