161008 f(Krystal) = Keds Fansign Event [3] | 49P

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161008 f(Victoria) = Weibo Update

Google Translate ver: (it’s a longer note)

# Thank you for my assistance should be # Some words have been embarrassed to say that the export, thank Sina gave me this opportunity, so I can confidently express my gratitude. I would like to thank them ~ When I work around, whether late at night or early morning, whether starting or arriving, about the plane, always the first time to see their shadow; when I was in the crew, whether it is Huairou, or Xiangshan, whether it is cold or heat, they always traveled thousands of miles, not noisy noisy, but obediently keep in the side, and occasionally “lift up” I look; when I have works broadcast or release, I can always see their blessings and support for the first time; of course, the most proud of is that they can bring together my love into love to help people in need of help. When the compatriots are in trouble, kindness, they will lend a helping hand in the first time, with their own modest contribution to the suffering compatriots of their own strength, they donated clothing, sent rice, purchased medical items, Tree … … Thank you my parsley baby, you again and again charity, I remember. Thank you for giving me breakfast, snacks, dolls, portraits, and filled with your blessings and love of your card; I remember you all the way to follow the cries and blessings, also remember that you pay for others, public support. … These are touched me, I remember! Thank you, thank you all the way to accompany, thank you for the stubbornly persists, # Thank you for your assistance should be # # Thanks for all along, no matter what I encounter, in the face of what you have to support me! You do too much for me, you can return too little too little … Today, I would like you to me that sentence is also given to you: no matter how long the road, how far, How difficult, I will always be your back. We back to back, go together, my parsley baby!