[TRANS] 161019 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Break needed before an In The Heights Yokohama show”


Break needed before an In The Heights Yokohama show.. Oonteu! Coffee 🤔🤔

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161018 Krystal, special appearance in ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’


Girl group f(x)’s Krystal will be lending her support to the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’

On the 18th, an industry insider revealed that Krystal will have a special appearance in ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’. Filming is expected to start soon.

Following the 2013 drama SBS ‘The Heirs’, Krystal will be meeting Lee Minho once more after 3 years. It has been 2 years since her last drama, SBS ‘My Lovely Girl’ in 2014.

‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ is the drama following ‘Jealousy Incarnate’, the first broadcast will be on 16 November at 10pm.

Comments (as of 18/10/16 12:30pm KST)

  1. [+368, -37] She was so cute in The Heirs as Lee Bona ㅋㅋㅋ
  2. [+218, -28] I definitely have to see this. It must’ve been awhile since Tan and Bona last met
  3. [+133, -22] Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. [+114, -17] I liked Bona. I’m anticipating this

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