161025 f(Krystal) = jungsoohyun_’s Instagram Update

[TRANS] 161026 f(Sulli) = Instagram Updates: “Lovely girl #veronica”




Lovely girl #veronica

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161022 CanCam December Issue – Krystal


Work Questions

Q1: What is f(x)’s charm?
The colour of our songs is unique and we are always challenging ourselves, so I believe that’s what allows us to receive love from our fans.

Q2: What’s the song that gets you the most hyped up when you perform it?
Papi! I like it when everyone jumps together!

Q3: Amongst f(x)’s songs, which is the hardest to sing?
Krystal: Maybe 4walls? It’s hard to catch the sound in the beginning of the song. It’s a song that took a lot of time to record. The tune is neither really high nor really low, and having to sing in a clear voice that’s neither real voice nor falsetto was really hard. As compared to the Korean that has bottom consonants, the Japanese version is definitely easier to sing (laughs).

Q4: What’s the f(x) song that you feel is the most like you?

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