[TRANS] 180124 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Please go see Anna Karenina !!”

Anna Karenina
While watching Juhyun unnie’s beautiful and elegant portrayal of Ana, I was touched and overwhelmed with emotions .. She shined elegantly and finely, even in the production she expressed that she was shinning, she really looked like a treasure on the stage ♥ I’ll see you more Juhyun unnie ~~ Also dear Jihye unnie who played Kitty was so beautiful with her lovely voice, I love you ⭐️⭐️ Please go see Anna Karenina !!

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.

sorry guys for this mess of a translation, i’m not sure what she was trying to say in the mid part


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