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Amber Liu makes her US debut at @kconusa. We have some big surprises for her tomorrow at our meet and greet @ajol_llama #giftott #giftoio #gto #GTO #Amberliu #Kpop #kcon #XLUBER #LACC #wtp #whatthepineapple #nike #ntc #miles #uplive #livestreaming #kpoper . . . Amber Liu is a natural choice for Gifto Ambassador because she is leading the pack in what it means to be a role model and creative. Originally from LA, Amber Liu announced last month that she will be working with @wearesteelwool to make her solo debut in the US. She’s an inspiration and role model to all, and it’s no wonder why she was chosen to be a @niketraining ambassador. She is fearless and speaks honestly about her struggles with anxiety and depression. Most importantly, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and is easy to relate to. Check out her YouTube channel What the 🍍

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