180812 f(Amber) = KCON LA Fanmeet [1] | 50P+12V

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Aay Amber knows what’s up with her 1st solo album “Beautiful” right here. Lol I ate really fast & ran as fast as I could to meet @ajol_llama one on one with my album I bought from @choicemusicla cause I forgot my Pinktape album at home. I was hoping to tell her how thankful we are as a fan, but it’s more beyond than that since Amber always work so hard on every part of her music & being thankful is not enough to express it all. Also, I was hoping to talk about how much she really inspires me so much in wanting to become such an amazing & talented artist just like her, & how her song “Beautiful” always remind me that I am beautiful the way I am & that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. Plus I ran so fast & was sweating a lot to only found out sadly that to meet her you needed a raffle ticket from the day before, Ig I should’ve visited the booth a bit earlier that day. However, it was still very nice to saw Amber again 4x for 3 days from a nice distance after 2 years ago at Kcon. Rocking that blue hair 😝 She was literally so cute & silly taking picture with her fans, & was also really kind too! She even signed the cards for fans that were not able to have a meet & greet with one on one. She is such a treasure, love u llama 💜💜💜 #Beautiful #AmberLiu #KCONLA

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