‘Love is MeU, Love is f(x)’ – f(x) 9th Anniversary Project

It’s that time of the year!

Introducing functionlove’s 3-part anniversary project:

“Love is MeU, Love is f(x)”

Part 1

“How I Discovered f(x)” – Your Stories! (2018 Edition)

This was the first anniversary project I ever did and it was always lots of fun. Check out the previous 2 parts here and here

How to participate:

Tell us the story of how you discovered and fell in love with f(x), tell us your name and country (for reference) and all the stories will be compiled into one post on Sep 5th!
Note: There is no word limit!

Where to?

The Google Form at the bottom of this post! Just scroll down. It also includes the 3rd part of the project, which is why it’s at the end. Read all the details before you send 🙂

Note: if you’ve participated in this project before, you don’t have to do it again! 🙂 Unless your story is different now 😉

Deadline: Aug 27

Part 2

Special hashtag: #loveisfx

This is the easiest part of this project: just use #loveisfx in your posts on Twitter or Instagram. THIS DOESN’T REPLACE #9YearsWithFx! It’s just a special hashtag meant to show love and support!

Make sure to tag the members on your IG posts with this hashtag so they see it! Try to only use official photos, or, if you’re posting fantaken photos, don’t crop the tag of the uploader!
This is a similar concept with the Sulli project we did in 2015: post more photos of the girls, hopefully daily, with the hashtag #loveisfx, to show them your love and support!

Have fun!

Part 3

Online Ad Campaign

Subway ads are cool. But how about something people from all around the world can see? The final part of this project will be an online ad campaign (Twitter&Instagram) that promotes f(x)’s 9th anniversary.

The campaign will run from Aug 28 to Sep 4 and will contain 4 total ads, for 2 days each. The ads will contain text from YOU!

How to participate:

Check out the Google Form below and answer the questions there or add your own: tell us things you love and appreciate about f(x), your dearest memories with them, things that remind you dearly of them, and such.

To respect the size and design of the ads, write less than 30 words!

Deadline: Aug 27

Be sentimental!

Since these ads promote f(x)’s anniversary to fans of many groups, showing our deep love for f(x) can help promote them!

How will it work?

  • I will collect your texts through the Google Form, choose the best 4 (if there are too many good ones, it can be extended to more than 4 ads) with the help of a group of K-Pop fans

  • The texts will be put on pre-made photos for the ads and sorted through the 8 days of the campaign

  • From Aug 28, each ad will appear to K-Pop fans from all the continents on Twitter and Instagram. The campaign type that I’ll use is the reach one, which helps the ad get to as many people as possible

I will be using my own money for this campaign, and as much as I don’t want to ask for money, even $5 would be of great help for the campaign to get to more people. If you’d like to help, e-mail me at hearteumi@gmail.com. Thank you.

Here is the Google Form where you can send your stories and ad texts:


Got questions?

You can message us HERE HERE or HERE

Or in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “‘Love is MeU, Love is f(x)’ – f(x) 9th Anniversary Project

  1. In 2011 I saw Krystal at Yuna’s Kiss & Cry and fell in love with beautiful Krystal. She introduced me to f(x) & Kpop. I’ve loved f(x) ever since & they will always be my favorite musical group ❤

  2. Reblogged this on nwbkevin and commented:
    In 2011 I saw Krystal at Yuna’s Kiss & Cry and fell in love with beautiful Krystal. She introduced me to f(x) & Kpop. I’ve loved f(x) ever since & they will always be my favorite musical group ❤

  3. Ekin

    I met with F(x) at their debut, I was 10. I grew up with F(x), they taught me what love was and meant, I love every single member unconditionally as they made me who I am today, and I’m so thankful for them. Love is F(x), love is Me U.

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