181206 f(Amber) = Gone Rogue in Chicago [1] | 120P+39V

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I can’t explain how much this concert meant to me. I cried when Borders played. I cried a lot not going to lie. She is so inspirational. I could not stop smiling. I bet I look ridiculous honestly, with my hood up, my smile looking nasty af, and tears streaming from my eyes. Anyways, you all are probably like “you’re just saying that because blah blah blah” but no seriously. Amber’s music at times was my escape. I’ve dealt with: Death Threats Immense amount of bullying A lot of suicidal thoughts So much shit from people just because I’m a lesbian. And Amber’s music was my escape. I can relate to everything she was saying and expressing in her music. If you haven’t already, stream all of her music. She deserves the world. She has helped so many people it’s crazy. I met this girl, who was so fucking nice let me tell you, and it was the most comfortable I have ever felt. She took a video of me and said “The girl next to me is my spirit animal” I don’t know your name but I love you be my friend. Being surrounded by people just like me, and all of us just actually being ourselves was just surreal. It’s was such a relief. I have officially #gonerogue Thank you @ajol_llama @justinparkofficial and all the staff and people that made this happen because it was the best time I have ever had. I have never felt happier. #goneroguetour#amberliu#llama#whatthepineapple#pineapple If there are any typos I don’t care because I’m still crying and I’m sleepy. Let this pineapple babe sleep.

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I saw Amber Liu (@ajol_llama), someone who I have idolized for the past three years. I was so nervous to go to the event by myself that I was having anxiety attacks, but at the last minute I pushed through it and went and had so much fun! Amber was my introduction to kpop (saw her pic, fell in love, and then I listened to shake that brass right away) and she taught me that I could be myself no matter what everyone else was doing or what society was telling me to be. Her bravery and strength as an artist is something I admire so much. Never in a million years did I think I’d see her in person and she was amazing and so inspiring and so was her little brother @justinparkofficial and his body rolls lol I lost my voice and also my hearing (I was standing next to the speakers lol). #goneroguetourchicago #goneroguetour #amberliu #fxkpop #amberliufx #amberfx #fxamber

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but with hope my heart is filled

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Xmas with Amber in the house

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we love a duet #gonerogue

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