181209 f(Amber) = Gone Rogue in Toronto [1] | 43P+23V

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Please credit functionlove.net as well if taking out, thanks.

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Hey girl you sure have a talent for selfies!

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First and foremost I want to say; • Thank you for your songs Amber, and thank you for f(x). Thank you for Borders, Closed Doors, 3 Million Years, Beautiful, and many more of your songs. Thank you for this wonderful experience and memory being so as this is my first concert and going to see my idol/ my role model. The idea of overcrowded areas is uncomfortable for me, especially being in enclosed space but tonight, I'm content, I'm alright. I cried a little bit– Amber has been an inspiration ever since I set my foot in Kpop. Her being herself, being who she is and comfortable, I've looked up to her since I was a kid in high school, with few friends here and there- Music has a traverse sense of way- her music and group got me through the sadness and my worst days, the way she is as a person became apart of my recovery process, thank you for turning my bad/worst to my bareable days better. Some of those "borders" were crossed. I've never thought I could see my role model, someone with a lot of love for the world, the person who drives to be herself, she's amazing. Thank you Amber Liu, and thank you for f(x), Thank you for having your #RogueTour #goneroguetour #torontogonerogue #goneroguetoronto #AmberLiu #amazingperson #rolemodel

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