181215 f(Amber) = Gone Rogue in San Francisco [2]

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#goneroguetour 12•14•2018 Amber Liu fr. Justin Park VIP-Meet and greet, merch, signed poster, front row. This was my first legit concert and I'm so grateful for it being Amber's concert. Knowing Amber typically as a kpop idol, I did not expect a different vibe at the concert. It was more of personal, live, alternative, organic experience. Not like what you'd expect at a big kpop concert. Although it wasn't what I expected, it wasn't any less awesome, just different. I got to hug Amber twice and touched her hand at front row. I also made 2 momentary eye contacts with Justin Park and gripped his hand too. Thank all the idols, staff, friends, people in the beginning of the line for making my first concert experience worthwhile. Plus, the drummer was talented af and so were the dancers. ♡Amber, you're truly amazing for sticking up for yourself throughout the bullies and taboos for being unique and sending meaningful messages. I HOPE U GET YOUR 3MILLION. ♡Justin, you're also amazing for following your dreams and work hard at for what you love. I hope your foot feels better asap! You're such a genuine guy. Love you guys ♡ #concert #music #lgbt #beyourself

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A llama indeed. LOL *這應該是2018年我最快樂的一天。 – 我知道朋友喜歡Amber喜歡到爆炸,所以我為了他在一個有60%降雨機率的大冷天破格在早上9點起床(9點對我來說很早了)中午到場地的時候所幸在我前面只有6個人。舊金山的天氣真的他媽的有毒,邊下雨邊吹風,一個想法只覺得人生好難,我到底在這裡幹嘛,冷到猛顫,我又穿一雙厚跟鞋(媽的就第一排了穿厚跟鞋有什麼屁用),雖然七個小時我也不是沒排過,但我與冬天真的不是好朋友。 – 被冷到意識錯亂的時候,看到賓哥的女朋友從車上下來(哇噻本人真的超嬌小超美,果然德國美女),我的魂魄有飛回一些許,至少離演出開始不遠了。快五點的時候進場,場地很小,大門一進去左邊就是舞台。這時候只能說Amber跟Jessi一樣都很寵粉啊,劉逸雲真的超。級。真。這種人怎麼可能讓人不喜歡上。她問我要她拿手機還是我要拿手機拍,我說那可以你拿著嗎(對我怕我把自己臉拍很大),她說好吧那我就我拿囉,然後就噠噠噠噠快門按了23次,我驚到都要黑人問號了(?)嚇到攀她肩膀。結束後她說等下跟你在那邊見啦,然後他就繼續一對一到七點。我發誓他看著粉絲的時候散發著一種光,那種錯過會遺憾一萬年的。真的沒看過這麼沒有演藝圈包袱的人。傻帽真的是她演藝事業裡的毒瘤,這麼好的人都不好好對待。 – 我很少在演唱會尖叫,即使是在大爆炸現場都沒有,但Amber真的是讓我破超多格。人生第一次對站太靠近舞台感到後悔(絕對不是因為舞台地毯聞起來有腳臭味),連個圍欄的距離都沒有,拍生人一直拍到很尷尬的角度(I’m sorry Amber😂)。我站在一根礙眼的柱子旁邊,事實證明這是件好事,因為右邊就不會有多餘的體溫跟我擠,而且Amber爬這根柱子的次數讓我以為他是猴子(不她是llama)。 後期的時候朋友拿了準備的一隻駱駝娃娃拿給Amber,她接了就把它塞在他衣服領口,OMG THAT WAS SO FUCKING CUTE,她就塞著駱駝唱了整首,全場都要瘋了。 – 最後一場通常大家都很嗨,Amber和她的Crew唱了聖誕歌給我們聽。大概什麼性格的人就會吸引什麼樣的朋友,鼓手很嗨,DJ很有戲,兩個Dancer也很討喜,整個氛圍就像朋友聚會,距離感一絲都沒有。再強調一次,這種性格怎麼可能不讓人喜歡呢,多美好的生命體。 – #AmberLiu #劉逸雲 #Slims #GoneRogueTour #SF #SanFrancisco #20181214 #JustinPark #StefanieMichova

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i guess we went rogue #amberinsf #goneroguetour

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Amber is an incredible human and I adore her so much for being a pure inspiration to just being yourself. Tonight's performance at the #goneroguetour in #sanfrancisco was positively 🔥lit🔥. So much fun! Loved every minute of it!! It was great to see her again after 6 years! Too bad Justin Park broke his ankle. Hope it gets better soon!! #amberliu @ajol_llama @justinparkofficial #justinpark #shakethatbrass #slims For those wondering why my pics are so blurry it's because I was in the very back where seated dining was. Yes, I had dinner with the concert. It was worth it solely for the seats because I'm like dying with a cold/fever/no voice combo. But I wasn't going to miss Amber just because I'm sick!

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