181223 f(Amber) = Instagram+Weibo Update: “Short trip to Korea”

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Short trip to Korea but so happy i got to deliver briquets this winter. Always thank you to @jinusean3000 for this oppurtunity! Lifted 11 briquets this time… shooting 12 the next? Have a warm winter everyone! 한국 있는기간 짧았지만 이번 겨울에 친구들과 연탄배달 할수 있어서 너무 기뻤어요^^ 션오빠 항상 감사합니다! 이번엔 연탄 11장 들기 성공! 다음에… 12장 도전?ㅋㅋㅋ 겨울 따뜻하게 보내세요~

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Here‘s the link from that story

这次匆匆回韩国,虽然不能呆很久,但是很高兴能为有需要的家庭雪中送炭。感谢Sean提供的机会!我这回能一次搬11块,争取下次能突破12?大家冬天记得保暖哦! ​​​​


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