f(♥) New Year’s Eve Special – f(x)+2018!

Happy New Year, MeU!

This is functionlove.net’s 6th ‘Year in Review’ featuring f(x) and Sulli’s most memorable moments or activities from 2018!

You can check out the previous ones here

Note: I mentioned what I personally considered more important. These posts usually don’t include things like interviews or TV show appearances. If you want to see more, you can check out our archives. (on the sidebar)


Amber and Luna release ‘Lower’ for STATION

Amber holds a lecture at UC Riverside

Victoria starts to film drama ‘山月不知心底事

MeU Book 3 is released

Photo by RunToAmber


Victoria is chosen as the new model for Reebok China

Krystal attends a movie premiere in New York

Photo by beaker_store

Luna releases a duet version of ‘Free Somebody’

Sulli is chosen as the new model for Lucky Chouette

Krystal is chosen as the new model for CLIO

Krystal attends Fashion Week in Milan


Victoria attends Fashion Week in Paris

Victoria releases first solo single ‘Roof on Fire

Hot Blood Dance Crew‘ with Victoria airs


Amber and Luna attend SMTOWN in Dubai

Luna is casted in musical ‘Gone With the Wind

Amber releases her ‘Rogue Rouge’ Mixtape

Luna releases single album ‘Night Reminiscin’


Victoria’s drama ‘Sunshine and Valentine‘ airs

Amber holds concerts/fan-meetings in Canda


Luna’s Alphabet‘ boots off its 4th season

Krystal appears in L’OFFICIEL Italy

Krystal is chosen as the new model for AUDI Korea

Amber performs with SUPERFRUIT on their LA concerts

Photo by nadiaInklover

Amber collaborates with Justin Park on ‘XL Uber

MeU Book 4 is released


Photo by Fx组合吧_StepByFx


Sulli travels to Berlin to shoot ‘Jinri Market’

Luna attends DIMF and wins ‘New Actor of the Year’

Victoria is chosen as the new model for Tempo

Amber models in an international Nike campaign

Amber signs with Steel Wool Entertainment for her US activities

Krystal is featured in Fendi‘s ‘Me and My Peekaboo’ Campaign with Jessica

Amber and Luna perform at SMTOWN Osaka

Krystal is chosen as the new model for Elastine


Luna throws a birthday party with fans for charity

Victoria begins shooting drama ‘Find Yourself

Krystal is chosen as the new model for Paul’s Boutique

Amber attends KCON LA


f(x) Celebrate their 9th anniversary

Sulli celebrates her 13th debut anniversary

Amber releases ‘White Noise’ and ‘Lost at Sea’

Krystal attends Fashion Week in Milan

Photo by jaylim1

OCN Drama ‘Player‘ with Krystal airs


The Legend of the Ancient Sword‘ Premieres

Sulli releases first product for Jinri Market

Luna collaborates with Nakjoon on ‘Still’

Amber and Luna attend Fashion Week in Seoul

Victoria joins the judge panel of ‘The Next Top Bang

Luna kicks off season 5 of Luna’s Alphabet

Jinri Market‘ airs on VLive

Luna releases ‘Bluffing’ for ‘Player’ OST

Luna attends SM’s Halloween party as Groot and takes 2nd place


Sulli starts opening pop-up stores for ‘Jinri Market’


Amber releases single ‘Countdown + Beautiful’ 

Amber holds her first tour, ‘Gone Rogue’

Amber collaborates with James on ‘Perfect’

Sulli releases photobook ‘Love, Myself’

And this wraps up our Year in Review!

Dear MeU, thank you for this amazing year and for your continuous support of f(x) and this site! I wish you a great and fruitful year ♥

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