180419 f(Victoria) = Beijing Airport (for an Event) [2] | 1P

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200304 f(Amber) = nekodisco’s Instagram Update [3P]

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I never thought I deserved or could find friendships and love like I did in this tour. And I can’t even begin to explain the changes that’s happened to me mentally, physically and emotionally through these past two months but I’m just so fucking grateful for every single person I’ve met and every bond i was so fortunate enough to create. You guys made this kitty cat feel so loved. To all the fans…y’all are different. You guys have this special kind of love for Amber and I’m so thankful you guys are out there supporting someone so important to me like that. It makes me feel so happy. I can’t wait to hit the stage with these beautiful people and see all your amazing faces again, I love you all!! Shout out to my tall ass opposite @domino_kimura who I fucking love with my entire heart. I fucking LOVE YOU dommy bear, fucking forever!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to @sorahyang for trusting me for this and bringing me on. You brought so much love into my life…I don’t even think you realize. And last but not least to my llama @ajol_llama…you already know. We’re eternity baby. Till next time, everybody! 😸 #amberliu #tourx #communicationbuildstrust

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