200309 f(Amber) = sophiecheungvisuals’ Instagram Update

[TRANS] 200309 f(Luna) = Official Fancafe Update

Sorry for being late …!

Sorry, I wanted to go (on the fancafe) every day but I couldn’t for a few days as I was composing .. I’m very thankful for what my MeU have been telling me and I treasure it, it has given Lulu strength, thank you! Today too I’m heading off to record a song for MeU, I’ll show it to you soon !~

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200309 f(Amber) = Instagram Update: “Thank you NaiNai miss you”

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I havent really opened up deeply about my tattoos but this one i wanted to share with you guys. This is a painting my grandma drew. i would always wear long sleeves to cover up my tats when i would visit her. One summer (its was hella hot), my aunt told me, my grandma asked why i would wear long sleeves in the heat. My aunt told her i was hiding my tattoos. My grandma told my aunt to tell me that she loved me no matter what and to stop hiding my tats. I still wore long sleeves the next visit LOL. My grandma proceeds to aggressively roll up my sleeves and sternly says she loves me and to stop hiding them. She was my biggest cheerleader. At my one of my lowest points, she welcomed me with no judgement and full of love. Biggest lessons i’ve learned from her was to just keep trying, pray as much as u can, and to just love people for who they are. Thank you NaiNai miss you.

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