200309 f(Amber) = sophiecheungvisuals’ Instagram Update

[TRANS] 200309 f(Luna) = Official Fancafe Update

Sorry for being late …!

Sorry, I wanted to go (on the fancafe) every day but I couldn’t for a few days as I was composing .. I’m very thankful for what my MeU have been telling me and I treasure it, it has given Lulu strength, thank you! Today too I’m heading off to record a song for MeU, I’ll show it to you soon !~

Screenshot and photo via 善歌怜舞Luna中文首站

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.

200309 f(Amber) = Instagram Update: “Thank you NaiNai miss you”