200308 f(Amber) = Friends’ Instagram Story Updates

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I got close to Amber, Krystal and Luna but it didn’t last long

We got close through their concert once

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200308 f(Victoria) = Weibo Updates: “I wish you the most beautiful and loveliest happy holidays!”

暖春如期而至🌺 涂上代表自信摩登的石榴红山茶花💄617 一起期待和我下一站幸福的约会 #山茶花限定季#O网页链接

Warm spring arrives as scheduled 期待 Painted with pomegranate red camellia 💄 617 which represents self-confidence and modern look forward to a happy date with my next stop

Tough and courageous to fight the epidemic retrograde, watch and help in the name of love. Pay tribute to all the female workers fighting the epidemic, and I wish you the most beautiful and loveliest happy holidays! I hope everyone is warm and happy!

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