[GUIDE] Help Amber Win on Music Programs!

Amber is making her solo debut with mini album ‘Beautiful’! Let’s show her our support and help her win her own trophy!

This is the same guide I made for the whole group, with the necessary changes. If there’s any links that don’t work, please let me know!

Here’s a little guide about music programs translated from here (with slight changes):

Most voting sites for music programs are only open to Korean citizens to sign up for but we can still help in many ways.

Here’s what foreigners can do!

  • Buying our girl’s album can help a lot despite the low percentages for music programs. Either buy it by yourself or with a group of people, just make sure the website you get it from counts on the Hanteo and/or the Gaon Charts! (they usually say if they do)

  • Global Voting! Mnet allows foreign viewers to vote for M!Countdown! You have to sign up but it doesn’t take too long~Also, you can use the same account to vote on the Korean version.


  • Buying the single on the English version of SoribadaIt’s not hard to sign up and It’s foreign fans-friendly! You can find all the information on their site, in English~

  • SNS! Shows like Music Core and Inkigayo count SNS points! Guide for this year’s hashtags:

  • Watch the Music Video! The view count is part of the scores in some music programs! Either add it to a playlist by itself and leave it on autoplay or simply play it many times. We don’t know exactly what gives more views but we can try!

  • Search! You were going to ask about the ‘Research’ thing, weren’t you? What you have to do is simply search ‘엠버’ or ‘엠버 Beautiful‘ on music sites like Soribada, Melon, Bugs, Olleh, and many others! News sites count too! Just click these links: 1 2 3

  • Vote for her on Show Champion! Tutorial HERE

  • Stream the songs on Melon! Tutorial here~

  • Vote for her on Inkigayo through globfone!

  • Buy her songs legally on the iOS MelOn app!

NOTE: What we do on one week counts on the next one! The scores are based on data from the previous week.

Mostly written by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with full credits!

25 thoughts on “[GUIDE] Help Amber Win on Music Programs!

  1. hyyy i wanna ask what the meaning digital sales?
    is it from itunes?
    and i got stuck in making id mbc
    when i succes fill all the form,then i go to next page
    when i want finish it
    some korean word out..
    can u please tell me what to do?

      • Do you know of a guide to creating an account to purchase the download on the Korean websites? And if its only the whole album or the single being promoted that counts towards the digital sales?

  2. Ah i see bout the digital sales.i think we as global fans cannot help so much

    And u say we only can use one hashtag #에프엑스 ??
    So it doesn count if we use #에프엑스 #redlight at same time?

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