[GUIDE] Help f(x) Win on Music Programs!

f(x) finally made a comeback! Sadly, it’s mostly the Korean fans that can help our girls win on music programs. But! We can help as well!

Here’s a little guide about music programs translated from here


You guys might ask, why aren’t you translating that whole picture? Well, that’s because some of those things require being a Korean citizen. Actually, pretty much all of them.

Here’s what foreigners can do!

  • Buying our girls’ album can help despite the low percentages for music programs. I’m not implying that you should buy 12631535 copies of the album, but if you have a group of friends who want to buy it, you should get it together! (saving money FTW!) BUT! Make sure the website you get it from counts on Hanteo Chart! (they usually say if they do)
  • Global Voting! Mnet allows foreign viewers to vote for M!Countdown! You have to sign up but it doesn’t take too long~Also, you can use the same account to vote on the Korean version.


  • Buying the single on the English version of SoribadaIt’s not hard to sign up and It’s foreign fans-friendly! You can find all the information on their site, in English~
  • SNS! Music Core and Inkigayo count SNS points (especially Inkigayo) so make sure to trend ‘#첫사랑니‘! BUT! DON’T PUT IT MORE THAN ONCE IN THE SAME TWEET! I’LL BE TAKEN AS SPAM!
  • Watch the Music Video! The more views it has, the more chances the girls have to win~
  • Search! You were going to ask about the ‘Research’ thing, weren’t you? What you have to do is simply search ‘에프엑스‘ or ‘첫사랑니’ on music sites like Soribada, Melon, Bugs, Olleh, and many others! News sites count too! Just click these links: 1 2 3
  • Vote for them on Show Champion! Wouldn’t be nice for Amber to hold her own trophy? Tutorial HERE
  • Vote for them on Inkigayo using the 엠앤TV톡 app (android, iOS)! Tutorial (note: change your phone’s language to Korean for it to work better.
  • Stream the songs on Melon! Tutorial here~
  • Vote for them on Inkigayo through globfone!

Mostly written by hearteumi@functionlove.net, cr to dooroham for news sites links and Inkigayo tutorial~ take out with full credits!

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