[SHOW/ENG SUB] 130709 Amazing f(x) Episode 7

2 thoughts on “[SHOW/ENG SUB] 130709 Amazing f(x) Episode 7

  1. Ep.7 and Ep.3 are my two favorite episodes of the Amazing f(x) series. I love Ep.7 with the golfing sequences and Krystal Skydiving is the most awesome thing she has ever done. I felt sorry for Krystal in the golfing part. She kept moving her head and bending her arm as she swung the club, pulling it away from the ball. She’s so cute when she’s frustrated. Also they weren’t using real golf balls. Golf balls don’t float. Great episode on par with my other favorite episode 3. Krystal fishing.

  2. Message to Krystal. If you want to hit the ball take a closer stance to the ball, keep your left arm straight and your head down and your eyes on the ball all the way though the swing. Don’t worry about where it’s going, if you’re line up correctly the ball will go straight. Also keep a firm grip on the club and don’t let the club head turn as you make contact. Anyway Krystal, you are one great skydiver.

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