200301 f(Amber) = At The ‘Eagle and The Albatross’ Movie Premiere

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Lama loves her vegan tacos!!! #sptacos

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Definitely go watch “Eagle and the Albatross” @eagleandthealbatross. It was so worth it, but the first few teaser didn’t do the movie good until the recent teasers were out. A really great comedy movie that gets you to be rolling on the theater ground. Just be sure to DONT bring kids or let them know about some scenes 🤣 The scenes were comedic too, so it was pretty funny. I love the Korean phrases in there, & I was like the only few who understood what Amber said, “Michin saekki!” 🤣 Let me say, it’s been an insane journey to see @ajol_llama once again for like a millionth times & get the chance to finally spoke with her in person!!! Keeping the words that you had said to me once on Uplive, to keep on meeting you. I still couldn’t say what I wanted, so that was why we were lingering around. 🤣 Thank you so much for everything, you’re truly an incredible person.💜 X Tour has gotten me to be really happy again, & it felt so GOOD to cry after a long time of going numb. Your music has gotten through over so many situations. Due to that, I’m really inspired to make music like yours too & be an inspiration for many. Especially, wanting to grow that numbers for females being a music producer. There’s so much goals I want to do when I’m in the music industry. I hope that you can still just continue to be you & do what you love 💜 I will continue to do that too. Amber is so kind, pretty, & cute!!! Like I can’t get over it whenever I see Amber in person. 😭 SHOUT OUT to @angelashelton007 for making such a brilliant movie! Had such a blast with all of my experiences. I hope to see many more awesome movies soon cause the whole creation for this movie was awesome, & now I want to see more! Can’t wait for “The Hammer” to be out. Best of all we got @g.cha.la & @sanpedrotacos !!! I really enjoyed the boba with the movie & eating tacos. 💖 That was like the best movie theater I experienced. They should add boba & tacos to movie theaters 🤣 #AmberLiu #fxAmber #EagleandtheAlbatross #comedy #movie #screening #redcarpet #MeU #SEXYLLAMAs

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