200204 f(Amber) = Instagram Update: “Dino-llama 🦖🦙 can u dig it?”

200204 f(Amber) = scottsayasithsena’s Instagram Update

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Travis Atreo ft. Amber Liu – Fix Me The more you listen, the deeper you’ll feel. This was a pleasure to direct. The visuals represent moments where you felt stuck, reflecting on issues in relationships that keep playing over and over in your mind. At times we’ll dwell, we’ll find reasons to believe we’re at fault, and we’ll be over apologetic. #FixMe is about overcoming those thoughts and feelings. Breaking through those tough times, the realization that those ideas are not reality. • @travisatreo and @ajol_llama both start alone going through their own internal struggles. Both going through the motions, only to find that together, they can help… uplift, one another. • …because everyone in the world is human, we all go through it at times. Sometimes, all we need is a friend, to help us out of our own heads. Minor details: In the beginning of the video, the slow strobing lights, in the background of the studio, represent the back of one’s mind. Flashing to act as a warning sign that something is wrong. During the chorus, the erratic swinging of light, represents the controlled chaos, the feeling of letting it all out. • MAJOR shoutouts: Trav. Hey… look at us. Who would’ve thought? Back when we met in 2014 to now. We’ve grown and made some pretty nice strides. Only makes sense to start the new decade with a new project together. Always proud of you, for how far you’ve come and the things you’ve accomplished. Thank you for the years of friendship and trusting the visuals. (If you haven’t already, go wish this man a Happy Birthday) Amber. We only met this past year, but every single project has been so much fun. You always bring such bright energy, and you know how to deliver those emotions once we roll. Every. Single. Time. @anngdang. Also, Hey… look at us. Lmao, just two guys that met randomly out in the DMV. From the first day, we’ve just clicked. Fast forward, and now we’re here. Love that we’re always so in sync when it comes to story and visuals. The op has a mind of its own, and we’re gonna kill it. 📸: @davidjypark

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200204 f(Amber) = Instagram Update: “Got to share some music vibes with the team at the @/shure house in Chicago”

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