200225 f(Luna) = Humap Contents Naver Post Update [10P]

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[TRANS] 200225 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “I’ve returned with a remake song after a while”

I’ve returned with a remake song after a while, please give #ItHurtsAndHurts #Luna lots of love

200225 f(Amber) = Instagram Update: “WE MADE IT GUYS!!! 24cities DONE!”

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Child im home. So many emotions atm. Freaked out yesterday morning to find myself not thinking about a show. My San DiegHOES really made the last show bittersweet. And there were a lot of bananas on stage at one point 🍌🤔. But serious, WE MADE IT GUYS!!! 24cities DONE! Its been an insane journey plus came back with some additional tattoos 🤪 Thank you to my team at @wearesteelwool MD-DJ-Guitar-Hypeman-music wizard: @misterxrocks drum master sensei-jigglypuff: @iamlawrencebreaux little brother-olaf-charmander: @domino_kimura kittycat guardian-anna-pikachu: @nekodisco bosslady: @lindsey_lerner professional babysitter-capybara: @shim_shik Photo/video/prettymucheverything: @the.bentobox “Please make me sound nice” sound master @thejakekatz COMMUNICATION BUILDS TRUST! To wonderful @meganddiamusic thank you for following us this whole tour, beating the flu, and singing “let me hold you like an otter”. Gunna miss the energy of @thecza and you always wearing the damn jackjack hoodie everywhere lol. Also the wonderful serenity of @omfgrant and you rocking out to our “karaoke” encore songs. And definitely the “hey dude” i hear every morning from @courtneykiara To the space candy @justicecarradine always love you and our weird philosophical debates. And @sampson_clark for keeping us in check and for actually picking up the phone 😉 My baby brother @justinparkofficial love you with all my heart even tho you keep taking off your shirt 🙄 There are still so many things i wanna say but you guys know what i mean. To all the fans i met on this tour, thank you to EVERYONE for giving me this opportunity, for giving me a voice and for giving me the strength to get up everyday. Gunna keep grinding and working hard. Till the next tour! Llama is gunna hibernate for a bit. THANK YOU FOR MAKING #TOURX POSSIBLE!!

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