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The real star of the show #nyc #amberliu #tourx

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Missing NYC . Today is 16/24 🤘🏽 #TOURX #tour

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Bryce (@bryce_romero29) and I went to Amber Liu’s show Fri night! @eagleandthealbatross posted about it but I have to reshare because to hear @ajol_llama explain why and how she wrote the song STAY CALM (which ends #eagleandthealbatross btw) on stage brought tears to my eyes. She shared how she had been in a very dark place and suffered through panic attacks and had to simply Stay Calm to get through it, as well as seek help. Sharing her pain like that openly speaks for so many of us. I went through a lot of hell myself (as you may know) and to know the history of that song and have it ends our film makes it extra special and heartwarming. Amber is really a Godsend. I hope that more people discover her through Eagle and the Albatross who didn’t know her before. I hope that more people find healing as she did, as I did and we continue to do so – on #thatshitpodast 😛 Amber started her show with this: “It’s been 10 years. A lot has happened. Some good, some bad and I’ve made a lot of mistakes and also learned so many valuable lessons. As I cross into the next chapter of my life I want to leave behind the darkness, the guilt, the shame and the pain. I want to be me again.” Gurrrrllll… me too. #metoo #cuddlepuddle #llamacity #amberliu #staycalm #angelashelton (wth is a cuddle puddle? My mind went to a sexy place, I won’t lie. It’s the nickname made for the #nyc #ambertour – every city creates a nickname and ours was cuddle puddle. It was innocent and sweet with llamas. And cut to my mind – a puddle after a cuddle. Omg… you should really see my movies.

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200210 f(Amber) = ‘Eagle and The Albatross’ Instagram Update