200205 f(Luna) = Humap Naver Blog Update – ‘Take Me Now’ OST Making [10P]

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200205 f(Amber) = ‘Eagle and The Albatross’ Still Cuts [4P]

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Debra (played by Nancy La Scala @itsnancylascala) will give you the shirt off her back – and a sandwich. She dreams of being a mom, but she can’t have kids. When her brother dies in military service in Korea, she unexpectedly gets custody of Ji-min (played by Amber Liu @ajol_llama), the orphaned niece she has never met. 😭 Ji-min only wants to play golf, but Debra can’t afford to pay for a golf club membership. ⛳️🏌🏻‍♀️ Debra is determined to help Ji-min get on the school golf team but she can’t afford the entrance fee with her regular day job. She becomes a Pure Romance™ Consultant and starts selling relationship enhancements to adults in her community, which saves the day! She gets to play the good mom role she always wanted. 😳🤗🥰 In partnership with Pure Romance ❤️@officialpureromance (pureromance.com) tickets to “Eagle and the Albatross” screenings across the USA will come with Pure Romance swag!! (For the adults that is)! 🤭😛😎 SIGN UP on eagleandthealbatross.com to stay plugged in!

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